ABC For Kids - Showtime
ABC For Kids Showtime (front cover)
Front Cover


Mister Whiskers
Vanessa Fallon & Friends
Cubby House
Don Spencer
The Hooley Dooleys

Filmed on

June 30, 1997

Released in

March 9, 1998

"ABC For Kids - Showtime" was an ABC concert video recorded live at the Eugene Goosens Hall, ABC Centre, Sydney on the 30th of June 1997.

The Hooley Dooleys appeared in the last act.

Songs ListEdit

  1. Hello Mister Whiskers - Mister Whiskers
  2. Smiggy - Mister Whiskers
  3. Singing High, Singing Low - Vanessa Fallon & Friends
  4. The Barnyard Animal Choir - Vanessa Fallon & Friends
  5. Let's Start Shaking - Vanessa Fallon & Friends
  6. Giddy Up Little Pony - Mister Whiskers
  7. Cubby House - Cubby House
  8. My Ducks Waddle - Cubby House
  9. Gumboot Splash - Cubby House
  10. Rock Cots - Cubby House
  11. Clapping Land - Mister Whiskers
  12. Thumbs Up - Don Spencer
  13. Australia - Don Spencer
  14. Stand Up - Don Spencer
  15. Fairy Penguin Strut - Don Spencer
  16. Boomerang - Don Spencer
  17. I am a Fine Musician - Mister Whiskers
  18. We Are The Hooley Dooleys - Hooley Dooleys
  19. Yumbo Jive - Hooley Dooleys
  20. Aunty Ethel's Farm On The Moon - Hooley Dooleys
  21. Splash - Hooley Dooleys
  22. Bottom Boogie - Hooley Dooleys, and all the other performers join in.


Hooley Dooleys PeopleEdit

Other PerformersEdit

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