"Bubble and Squeak" was an episode from The Hooley Dooleys 1999 TV Series.

Songs FeaturedEdit


Series Theme Song Opening: We Are The Hooley Dooleys

Song 1: Hands And Feet

Antoine gets ready to be a chef and decides to put on his apron and chef's hat but Bruce and David spoils it for him instead but gets it right correctly, except for Bruce's hat which Antoine mistakes for a cooking bowl.

Song 2: Bubble And Squeak

Bubble And Squeak (episode)

Bruce put on his hat which had the bubble and squeak mix which he didn't know of, making David and Antoine beg for him not to take it off, but he notices it had bubble and squeak mix in it and decides to took it off instead, leaving him in a gooey mess, and making David and Antoine pull faces in disgust.