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"Pop" was the fourth Hooley Dooleys album released in 1999. It won the 1999 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album.


  1. Hello
  2. Everybody
  3. Drums
  4. Peek-A-Boo
  5. On My T-Shirt
  6. Ten Fingers
  7. Knock, Knock, Knock
  8. Splashing In The Puddles
  9. There's Something Wrong With My Motor Car
  10. Mowing
  11. Ping Pong Ball
  12. Photograph
  13. Popcorn
  14. Hands And Feet
  15. Working In The Shed
  16. Kangaroo
  17. Blow A Kiss
  18. Police Car
  19. Sailing
  20. If I Was
  21. Sha La La La
  22. Riding On My Bicycle
  23. Bandaid
  24. Diddley Dee
  25. You've Got The Rhythm
  26. The Hooley Dooleys Ball
  27. We Are The Hooley Dooleys

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