Ready, Set... Go!
The Hooley Dooleys - Ready, Set... Go! VHS (front cover)
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September 7, 1998

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"Ready Set... Go!" is the second The Hooley Dooleys video. It was released in 1998.

Song ListEdit

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Shake Your Body
  3. Russel And Tickle
  4. Aeroplane
  5. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle)
  6. Pizza
  7. 1,2,3 - A,B,C
  8. Bonjour!
  9. Jump, Jump, Jumping
  10. Train
  11. I'm A washing machine
  12. Ready, Set... Go!
  13. In The Sandpit
  14. Moonwalk
  15. Swimming In The Pool
  16. Party Song
  17. We Are The Hooley Dooley's (reprise)
  18. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle)

Full VideoEdit



The Hooley DooleysEdit

Character VoicesEdit


The "Ready, Set Go! album are released in 1998 featuring 22 soundtracks.

CD SongsEdit

  1. Milkshake
  2. Walking In The Park
  3. You Can Feel It
  4. Tooty Flute
  5. Laughing Is Good For You
  6. Mop
  7. Wahoo




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