Super Dooper


Maree Kirkland-Morris


September 9, 2004

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Super Dooper

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"Super Dooper" is the eighth Hooley Dooleys video. It was released in 2004. It is also the first video in which Bruce does not appear and was the last VHS to be released in Australia before At The farm released just on DVD. It is a VHS and a DVD release.

Song ListEdit

  1. Super Dooper
  2. Postcard
  3. Big Adventure
  4. Where's My Hat?
  5. Treasure
  6. Superhero
  7. Can You Do It?
  8. Walking Slow
  9. Pixel
  10. Ballerina
  11. Hands Dancing
  12. Mirror
  13. Shaking All Over
  14. Dancing
  15. Wind
  16. Conga Line
  17. Super Dooper (Instrumental)


The Hooley DooleysEdit

Character PerformersEdit

Super HeroesEdit

Special CharacterEdit

  • Dan Fabian as Postman
  • Dennis Clare as Button The Mime
  • Casey Hadfield & Kim Wiles as Pixel
  • Casey Hadfield as Pirouette The Ballerina


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The Hooley Dooleys - Super Dooper (2004)

The Hooley Dooleys - Super Dooper (2004)