The Hooley Dooleys
The Hooley Dooleys VHS (front cover)
Front Cover

Directors & Producers

Jacqueline Cairns
Ian Thorburn (Yumbo Jive)
Virginia Lumsden (Bottom Boogie & Doodat Dance)

Written by

The Hooley Dooleys

Executive Producer

Virginia Lumsden


September 8, 1997

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Ready, Set... Go! (1998)

"The Hooley Dooleys" is the first The Hooley Dooleys video, It was released in 1997. Self titled video all about everyone coming over to The Hooley Dooleys house and meet The Hooley Dooleys for the first time. Everyone can play music, dancing and singing The Hooley Dooleys and their friends Russell the Muscly Kangaroo and Tickle the Doodat.

Song ListEdit

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Russell the Muscly Kangaroo (Can You Do What I Can Do)
  3. Yumbo Jive
  4. Fire Truck Song
  5. Chicken Talk
  6. In The Garden
  7. Better Get Going
  8. Bottom Boogie
  9. On The Spot
  10. The Doodat Dance
  11. Bubble And Squeak
  12. Aunty Ethel's Farm On The Moon
  13. Baby Song
  14. Red And Blue
  15. Lunar Beat
  16. Splash
  17. We Are The Hooley Dooleys (Reprise)
  18. Yumbo Jive (Reprise)

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Hooley DooleysEdit

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