Tickle The Doodat
"Tickle the Doodat" is a friend of The Hooley Dooleys.


Performed byEdit

Voiced byEdit


  • She was originally going to have pink fur
  • Tickle is 19 years old, she is also younger than Russell, making her born on July 29, 1995
  • In the first video, she said she liked going to the Hooley House because it was entertainment to her
  • There's a reason why she's purple
  • Tickle first appeared in the second album, "Splash" in the song "The Doodat Dance "
  • She went though seven different preformers
  • She was also the first Hooley friend to be un-clothed, Since Russell has blue and red checkered pants
  • Because of her name, she likes Tickling people

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